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Managing risk is one of the core activities of every company today, whether it means dealing with uncertainty, credit or with fraud, waste and abuse.

Financial institutions have a vast history in managing credit, operational and market risk – and Analytics Network has been there with them for the last twenty years, whether helping them build the best models, perfecting and simplifying processes or deploying cutting edge technology.

However, all companies have to deal with the issues of ensuring payments from customers – understanding that it is unrealistic to eliminate missing payments but limiting exposure and optimizing the trade-off between risk and business opportunities. This is why Analytics Network has experience in delivering systems that apply predictive models that combine internal historical information with Credit Bureau data and combines all the info to provide simple yet insightful tools to select decision management strategies.

Recognizing fraud is a delicate matter, with new forms of fraud being thought if and conducted every day. This is why, as Analytics Network, we recognize the importance of a comprehensive analytical framework that can greatly help in recognizing Suspicious Activity through various ways, empowering users with flexible and fast ways of querying the data, applying supervised and unsupervised models and anomaly detection tecniques to prevent known patterns of fraud as well as recognizing new ones as well as more innovative techniques such as social network analysis.

Finally taking care of internal processes is crucial, as auditing divisions thrive to understand, check and detecting behaviours; Analytics Network solutions bring them tools to simplify and make things quicker, providing them with innovative point of views, both analitically and visually, and finally but perhaps most importantly providing data-driven methods of automatically finding needles in haystacks and helping previously untought-of anomalies emerge.



Fraud detection and prevention mixing business rules with machine learning and predictive analytics.


Smart acceptance grid management for minimizing PD.

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