• IoT
    Genius Warnings
    Predictive Maintenance for the Industry 4.0

  • IoT
    Genius Warnings
    Predictive Maintenance for the Industry 4.0

The explosion of connected devices is driving the expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) and introducing the Industry 4.0 paradigm, where products, machinery and people interact to make the production of goods and services going. Streamlined, seamless, beautiful.

But what about when something goes wrong? When nobody is there looking? In a time when nobody is there ready to fix it?

Genius Warnings is the APP to make every block of the production chain interact: it allows pieces of machinery to alert their support people of on-going faults and incoming needs for maintenance.

Most IoT solutions are designed to do the first Industry 4.0 step only: collect and store data.
Genius Warnings brings you advantage by preventing machine downtime and reducing maintenance effort and costs.

By applying streaming and predictive analytics it allows to go beyond looking in the rearview mirror at what happened, but also predict what could happen next and trigger actions on it.

Whether your data are already being collected or just about to start to flow, Genius Warnings can connect to your different data sources and predict asset failure in real time, in order to enable your organization to avoid costly downtime, extend endpoint life, reduce product recalls and maintenance costs.

Early identification of issues helps you build leaner processes and Genius Warnings has an easy to integrate framework that can rapidly deploy alerts and activate new workflows in your internal mobile APPs and existing management systems.



Predictive Maintenance for the Industry 4.0


Reducing Warranty Claims


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