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    “People like you based targeting”
  • Customer Analytics
    AN Persona

    “People like you based targeting”

Persona is an innovative approach to traditional segmentation techniques, where unsupervised one-size-fits-all customer segmentations, though crucial and insightful can sometimes be off the mark, especially if you know the type of customer that you wish to engage or are looking at customer segments for very specific tasks.

With the Persona approach it is up to you to create specific profiles of customers you wish to reach and target with your campaigns.
These profiles will serve as the defining character of a certain group, which will be progressively populated integrating similar customers.

The size of the groups and, therefore, tolerance on the deviations from the original profile, are up to you to decide.

By using Persona in targeting you can leverage intuition, business knowledge, predictive scoring and clustering techniques to rapidly select the best customers for your campaigns.



Laser focus marketing for maximizing conversion rate while minimizing costs.


“People like you” based targeting.


Proactive alert to your CRM system for high risk churners.


Accurate forecasting to manage and respond demand volatility.

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