• Customer Analytics

    Proactive alert to your CRM system for high risk churners.
  • Customer Analytics
    AN Attrition

    Proactive alert to your CRM system for high risk churners.

Anti-churn is a cornerstone of predictive analytics applications, and our solutions let you get the most out of the analytics by leveraging industry-specific expertise-led assets and methodologies.

A careful eye for automation and control is also crucial in making sure all analytical steps are safe, effective, and as little time-consuming as possible.

Our approach to attrition is based on the use of a specifically-built data model, albeit open to customization, and a guided process though the steps needed for a successful retention project, such as:

  • Single or multiple definitions of churn events;
  • Multi-faceted approach to modeling letting you choose between easy automated modeling all the way up to integrated your own data-scientist-driven models;
  • A methodologically sound approach to model backtesting and monitoring;
  • A production facility, so that customer scores are updated automatically with the correct periodicity;
  • Choice an anti-churn selection criterion for targeting (such as risk levels, risk trends, customer value, etc.);
  • Molding of the best offer for each customer, based on customer habits, attitudes and value considerations;
  • Monitor retention actions;
  • Select control groups to thoroughly separate and measure model and action effectiveness.



Laser focus marketing for maximizing conversion rate while minimizing costs.


“People like you” based targeting.


Proactive alert to your CRM system for high risk churners.


Accurate forecasting to manage and respond demand volatility.

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