• Success stories

    Costa Crociere
  • Success stories

    Costa Crociere

Costa Crociere is a leading cruise lines company in Italy, part of Carnival Cruises and with revenue in excess of 3 bn euros.

As part of their sales and CRM operations, Costa has partnered with Analytics Network to create a virtuous, continuous improvement system to better serve its customers and fully exploit upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Based on figures from historical actions, Costa has been able to create accurate predictive models that accompany CRM actions in all aspects:

  • By measuring propensity of customers to upgrade their outstanding reservations to a higher level of accommodation;
  • By targeting likely-to-return individuals from their ample base of past and current customers.

Analytics Network has worked closely with Costa, enabling every phase of the analytical journey, from providing and integrating the correct software solutions, sharing its business and methodological know-how with the customer, providing key guidance on how to integrate the analytical know-how within the CRM processes and finally making sure Costa can successfully and autonomously sustain and improve the whole cycle.

As a result, the advanced analytics solution is now an invaluable part of the Costa’s CRM, and the result has been a truly hefty, not to mention very measurable, ROI, gaining higher numbers of closed up- and cross-selling deals as well as achieving stronger accuracy in targeting for new sales, all the while reducing budgets for customer contacts.

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