• Capabilities

  • Capabilities

Big Data and Datawarehouse

Information Management Services

In addition to deep subject matter expertise, the Big Data Team provides strategic and tactical guidance to Data Lake implementation.
Our Big Data Team can evaluate for your organization the right balance between traditional DWH and new Big Data platform for driving business value.

Our customers are some of the most important banks, retailers and manufacturing company across Europe.

Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics

Artificial Intelligence Services

This team exists for one reason only: you can either predict or perish. Our customers rely on our Data Science Team to gain a disruptive competitive advantage in their market.

Our team helps organization to move towards a fully data driven company where artificial intelligence allows to cut costs, increase revenue, move fast and agile.

Visual Analytics and Business Intelligence

Business Analytics Services

This team helps our customers to build a control tower on their business that allows to move toward a report-less organization leveraging on visual and mobile techniques.

Our practice can help to focus on information that are relevant for your business process.

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