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    We help you drive your business decisions with data.
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    We help you to drive your business decisions with data.

Who we are

Analytics Network is an innovative provider of cognitive solutions for machine-driven decision making.

Predict or Perish

Improve your business introducing predictive analytics within your decision process on-premise or as a service.

Our Customers

Analytics Network has a long success streak in delivering exceptional predictive analytics solutions and high-value insights to clients.

Latest from the lab

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A smart way to tell you who we are is to show you what we have done.

Costa Crociere

As part of their sales and CRM operations, Costa has partnered with Analytics Network to create a virtuous, continuous improvement system to better serve its customers and fully exploit upsell and cross-sell opportunities.


Analytics Network has been chosen as Zanichelli’s premier partner in predictive analytics, leveraging both its know-how and its ability to deploy specific analytical solutions, as well as a thorough understanding of the business needs and processes typical of the market.


Analytics Network has a long-standing partnership with Wind, with applications ranging from Value-Added Services propensity models to predictive analytics to prevent customer churn and so forth.

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